IMG_0439Literacy Skills Intervention:

After assessments are complete, students who would benefit from additional literacy intervention are identified. The key written skills that are targeted through intervention are:

  • Evaluation
  • Explanation
  • Analysis

These are small group sessions to ensure students get the help they require. In the sessions, students work through structured examples and develop their confidence and understanding of how to use these skills in other subjects.

In addition to this, intervention sessions are offered in:

  • Presentation
  • Oracy/Discussion skills

These sessions focus on confidence when speaking and how to structure oral responses clearly. In the sessions, the aim is to develop students’ ability to speak clearly in front of others, as well as to respond in more detail to the ideas of others. Students are taught how to plan their ideas out clearly to allow them to speak fluently on a range of subjects.

  • SPaG Intervention

All KS3 students are assessed on a range of specific spelling, punctuation and grammar skills across the curriculum. From these assessments, students are identified for additional SPaG intervention. These sessions take place during tutor time, twice a week. Students work in small groups and complete 10 sessions in total to ensure the SPaG skill is fully understood and students are able to confidently use this skill in all subjects.