Extra Curricular

Cheam High School has a variety of extra-curricular activities which are open to students of all ages and abilities.

What types of extra-curricular activities do we offer?

  • Different sports clubs
  • Arts clubs e.g. drama, music, dance and art
  • Duke of Edinburgh – very popular for Year 10 students
  • Subject support sessions for students e.g. Maths Surgery
  • MAGT groups e.g. A/A* lessons for targeted students
  • Inter-tutor competitions e.g. drama club or Year 7’s Got Talent where students have to attend a certain number of rehearsals
  • Whole school productions
  • Learning activities or supported homework
  • The 12 days of Christmas

How do we ensure that the extra-curricular activities are what the students want?

  • A questionnaire goes out to students.
  • Suggestions are made through the Year and School Councils
  • There is an Arts Council in Years 7 and 8 who make suggestions and Arts Leaders make recommendations. 

How do we publicise extra-curricular activities?

  • There is information on the website.
  • Information is placed on year powerpoints to be shown at tutor time.
  • There are opportunities to show activities undertaken in extra –curricular activities e.g. The Twelve Days of Christmas

How do we monitor attendance at extra-curricular activities?

  • Registers are taken and stored in a central area to allow analysis.

How do we encourage/reward attendance at extra-curricular activities?

  • Sports leaders and Arts Leaders are from those students who take part in extra-curricular activities. 
  • There are opportunities to perform and prizes are given in assemblies; a Sports dinner is held each year; tutor points and tutor competitions encourage attendance  

How do we support more able students in extra-curricular activities?

  • There are specific extra-curricular activities for MAGT students put in place by departments e.g. A/A* project lessons; Carnegie Book Shadowing group; MAGT project group for Key Stage 3 students; EPQ programme for sixth form MAGT students.

What cross-curricular opportunities are there for students?

  • Different departments have worked together for extra-curricular trips and clubs e.g. MFL and Art trip to Barcelona and MFL and Maths MAGT Key Stage 3 trip to Paris
  • The whole school production involves: Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Dance and Hair and Beauty


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