Staff Professional Development

Cheam High School has an excellent staff development programme with a wealth of experienced staff working with teachers and support staff.  The focus is very much to continually strive for outstanding outcomes for students.

Staff are committed to their own development and many take part in helping others to progress.  Staff attendance at training sessions is high and evaluations are very positive for all internal training that we offer.  We run Training and Development fortnights for all staff half termly with training sessions taking place after school.

There are various training routes for staff to follow such as: 

New Staff and NQT Induction Programme

The induction programme for new staff (teaching and support) is run each year in the Autumn term, with sessions covering a wide range of topics, delivered by experienced staff.

The NQT programme continues all year with “drop in” sessions each half term on a variety of pertinent topics suggested by the NQTs; this supplements a programme of observation, feedback and mentoring to support NQTs to good and outstanding outcomes.

Year 2 Teachers’ Programme (Y2S – Year 2 Success)

The training programme uses outstanding, experienced teachers to complete the delivery of the programme to Year 2 teachers, building on the successes of the Induction year, refining a range of teaching and support approaches.

The programme develops each year through feedback from current and past Year 2 teachers.

IQEA (Improving the Quality of Education for All)

IQEA is a very successful programme – this is an opportunity for staff to meet fortnightly and work on individual CPD targets and a fantastic opportunity for staff to work together and coach each other.  This is a voluntary programme that has high uptake and excellent reviews.

Middle Leaders' Programme

This programme offers new, existing and aspiring middle leaders a half termly training session on various aspects of middle leadership; places are also offered to (and taken up) by many local secondary schools.

Focus groups and forums

MAGT forum, BTEC forum and Sixth Form Teaching and Learning forums are run each half term with regular opportunities for staff to share good practice with colleagues and develop their own practice.

Feedback and Marking Excellence (FAME)

Staff regularly take part in work scrutinies, where teachers have the opportunity to look at outstanding marking and feedback from different subject areas; they discuss the work with colleagues from their own and other subject areas as well as receiving dedicated FAME training from experienced staff.

Support Staff

Support staff have many training opportunities throughout the year, for example behaviour management, The Adolescent Brain and Managing Conflict and First Aid training.

Statutory Training

Statutory training such as Child Protection and Safeguarding, Anaphylaxis Awareness and the Use of EPIPEN and Asthma Awareness and the Use of Emergency Inhalers run regularly throughout the year.

Special Interest Training

In addition to the regular training programmes that run throughout the year, special interest training sessions such as Mindfulness and ASD training may be offered to staff during the training and development fortnights.

External Training

Staff may attend specialist external training as part of their individual professional development or to support student outcomes and school or subject specific priorities. Many staff take part in regular subject specific training and staff in specialist roles may attend external training courses run by specialists in areas such as pastoral care, First Aid, mental health and wellbeing, MAGT and Challenge.