Satchel One Login

Satchel one officialSatchel One (previously known as Show My Homework) is an online tool to help you keep track of your child’s homework and progress. Satchel One will be the place that teachers set homework; you can see what has been set and when it is due.  It will also show you any late homework or homework not completed. 

Satchel One will allow you to see the details of the tasks your child has been set, any resources they have been given, and also their completion status and grades.

Students will need to log in to Satchel One daily to check what homeworks have been set and when deadlines are.

How you can access Satchel One

Parents/carers have a code which allows them to log in.  You can use the links below, or download an app on your phone/tablet.

To log in:

1.       Click on 'Satchel One' under 'Quick Links' at the top of the website page

2.       Log in using your parent code in the top right hand side of the Satchel One page.  Alternatively, you can set up a password when you first log in and save this on your devices.

You can also download the free 'Satchel One app' available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  This can be found in the first page you see, or through the usual stores.

(If you have not received your parent code from your son/daughter then please email during the school day and we can email it to you, along with your child's Google login details if they have lost them.)

What you can see or do in Satchel One

1.       You can see the assignments that your child has been given.  You can also look at homeworks set across the year, or in a certain subject or by a certain teacher.  You can also see whether your child has completed homework set, and the grades given.

2.       You can choose to set up alerts, which will tell you when homework is due, or not completed and/or when homework is set.

How do I find out more?

There are lots of other facilities and reports that you can print off regarding your child's progress.  For those with more than one child at Cheam High School, you can also link the accounts of your children to make tracking easier.  To find out more,  Satchel One has a very clear help section for parents – it has lots of useful information and the link is below.

If you have further questions, or problems with access

You can contact the team at Satchel One here. They can also help with login or access problems. 

Alternatively, please email the Satchel One administrator at Cheam High School:

More information on homework at Cheam High School

Homework timetables, expectations and information about the type of tasks set for homework can be found here.