Detention Procedures


All Year, Department, School and Leadership detentions (held after school) are scheduled and shown in IRIS.  

Parents/Carers can also view any future detentions for their child through IRIS.  

Students can also see their forthcoming detentions in their IRIS logons, and their tutor will often remind them of any detentions due that day.


The details (why the detention was given, the duration and type of detention) are available for you to view on IRIS (our on-line reward and behaviour system), together with rewards and other information.  IRIS can be accessed via the webpage on the School Website (see below), or from the Quick Links for parents/carers on the website.  Each parent/carer and student has a log on and password that allows them unique access. 

For a brief overview of IRIS, and a guidance sheet for how to log on and how to access the relevant information, please click on the link below:


Detentions are an important part of our discipline structure.  Students must complete detentions set or face serious consequences.

Escalation is as follows for any student that fails to attend (FTA) one of the detentions shown below:

  • FTA Year or Department detention (30 minutes) escalates to Leadership detention (90 minutes).
  • FTA Leadership (90) minutes leads to exclusion and the requirement to complete the Leadership (90 minutes) detention on return.  

Any student who disrupts a detention will be given one warning; if the disruption continues, then he/she will be asked to leave.  This will then usually lead to the escalation of the detention to the next level (in the same way as those who do not attend – see above)

Please support your child to complete the sanction set in a sensible and appropriate manner and avoid more serious consequences.


Detentions will be rescheduled where a student is not in school to attend; this will usually be the day of return.  Please use the IRIS log on to see both past detentions given and upcoming detentions.


Notification of detentions will show these as starting at 3 pm.  (Sometimes students will have an additional detention which starts after the end of the first detention.)

Students start their time once they are seated and ready to work in the detention room.  A student who arrives and is ready earlier than 3 pm will have the detention time start from their arrival time, meaning that they will be dismissed earlier than the end of the detention (by the relevant early start period).

A student who arrives later than this time eg 3.10 pm, will still need to complete the detention time and will therefore leave 10 minutes later than scheduled.

This system also allows any personal detentions of 5,10,15 or 20 minutes set by staff on the same day to be attended before the student attends this detention.