Dress code

The Cheam High School Sixth Form Dress Code

The Cheam High School Sixth Form Dress Code is very important to us and to the students. We do not have a ‘uniform’ in the sixth form but we want our students to always be smart when they attend school yet we do provide a certain degree of flexibility, freedom and choice for students to wear their own clothes which we know students appreciate. It is, however, key for students to be dressed appropriately and suitably for a school environment.

Below is a clear guide for what students are permitted to wear – this includes wearing a lanyard and cashless card at all times on the school site with the card facing the correct way.

Students should be wearing the following:

  • Suit
  • Smart trousers
  • Smart, long dress/skirt
  • Smart tops eg shirt/blouse
  • Collared shirt or t-shirt
  • Smart jumpers – roll neck jumpers are permitted (big logos are not allowed)
  • Smart shoes/boots for example leather
  • All black canvas shoes (includes the rims)

Hoodies without big logos can be worn but must be removed in the classroom. Plain black leggings are also permitted but must be worn with a suitable top.

Key things that students are not allowed to wear:

  • Jeans/Denim skirts and jackets
  • Trainers
  • Combat trousers (ie cargo pants - trousers with multiple pockets)
  • Joggers/sport leggings
  • Shorts
  • Caps
  • Durags
  • T-shirt with no collar
  • Tops with large logos or offensive wording; Crop tops/tops that show midriff; Off the shoulder/bardot tops

We fully appreciate that fashions change and so we would always advise students to check with the sixth form team if they are unsure before buying new clothes for school – that way they can avoid buying an item of clothing that is not permitted.

To reward students dressing smartly and adhering to our dress code we will award Community Cup points and Kool Kats from time to time during the school year.

To reinforce the dress code, sanctions will be applied including parents/carers being informed, warnings and detentions given and ultimately being sent home to change at our discretion.

The final decision will rest with the Sixth Form Management Team if a student is deemed as being inappropriately dressed for school.