Local Area SEND Charter

TLocal Areahe SEND Charter is a set of values relating to SEND provision and interactions between partners.

The school adopts the Sutton SEND Charter.  This holds certain values dear, and we share those values

The SEND Charter can be downloaded or viewed below.  There are 4 versions:

  • A4 for printing
  • A4 continuous pages
  • easy read enlarged version
  • easy read enlarged version with tints to help readability
Page Documents Date  
SEND CHARTER. A4 2 sides.printing 18th Jun 2021 Download
SEND CHARTER. Enlarged vision.website 18th Jun 2021 Download
SEND CHARTER. Enlarged.Vision. with Tint... 18th Jun 2021 Download
SEND CHARTER.A4 cts page 18th Jun 2021 Download