Overall information

The school offers a broad curriculum, with a range of extra-curricular activities making up an important part of what we provide.

The following documents all provide information on the curriculum we offer:

KS3 (Years 7 and 8) Overview Document (click here)

The KS3 Overview gives a summary of the purpose of KS3 and the way that the curriculum is structured.


School Subjects and Courses (extract from annual prospectus )  (click here)

This document gives a brief overview of the different departments, the courses they offer and the skills/content developed within their subject area.


13+ prospectus: advice and guidance for KS4: (click here)

The 13+ Document gives more information about the courses offered at KS4 (Years 9, 10, 11) and the content of the courses.


Post 16: 

Please see the Post 16 page for further informtion regarding the courses available.

This page can be accessed here.


The school also provides English and Mathematics GCSE to those students who have not yet gained grade C or above.


Additional department information:

In addition, departments all have detailed Schemes of Work which lay out content, skills, teaching approaches and other information for teachers.  If you require more detailed information about a subject, please contact the relevant Subject Leader (click here).  Alternatively, you can do this by phoning the school or by emailing on the school address (Click here). 


Other Information that you may find useful:

Finally, the school produces various booklets that you may find useful in establishing the opportunities at the school.  These can be found on line and include:

  • Extra Curricular Timetable (Gives an overview of the main clubs and activities available) (click here)
  • Information for new entrants to the school (gives a summary of various procedures and aspects of school life); you may also find the parent summary page helpful (click here)
  • Current and past copies of the school’s weekly newsletter: “The Cheam High Flyer” (click here)
  • Ofsted reports and School Reviews on various aspects of department and school provision (click here)
  • School Policies (click here)
  • Examination Results summary and for different subject areas (click here)
  • Special Educational Needs Offer and Policy (click here)
  • More Able, Gifted and Talented (MAGT) provision (click here)
  • Information about the next steps after sixth form education (click here)


If you would like to contact any specific departments please click the subject below

Art Languages
Business Maths
Drama Music
English PE
Geography PEP
Health and Social Care Psychology/Sociology
History Religious Studies
ICT Science