SEN Support and EHC Plans

Assess plan do reviewSupport Plans and EHCPs (Education, Health and Care Plans)

The school aims to support students with their SEN needs and to do this using the school SEN resources (ie funded by Notional SEN funding and other school income).  For some children, their needs are such that they require a level of support that is beyond what can be reasonably provided by the school.  In such cases, the school can apply for additional support from the Local Authority.  This could be through shorter term or additional funding or could be an application for an EHCP together with an assessment of the provision needed with relevant additional funding.

What is a SEN Support Plan or EHC Plan?

Both of these will identify the support needed by a child in order to make expected progress from their starting points or to meet particular needs.  They are an integral part of the Assess, Plan, Do Review process.

When would the school apply for an EHCP?

The school would apply for an EHCP under the following circumstances:

After a period of sustained support has been demonstrated as necessary for the child to make progress as expected from their starting point AND when one (or more) of the following applies

  • When the school can not provide the long-term support required from its resources ie these are at a level that is unsustainable.  This may include where children require specialist input that is not ordinarily or routinely available within the school OR
  • Where the future destination requires an EHC Plan to continue the support needed eg for some destinations at post 16 or post 19 transition points
  • When the child needs specialist provision and an EHC Plan is required for admission


When would the school see application for an EHCP as inappropriate?

When the support needed is being met from the school’s own resources and this is sustainable over the time period required ie the provision is meeting the child’s needs and the child is making expected progress.

What happens if a health or care professional, or other professional external to the school recommends an EHC Plan?

The first step is to always assess the need identified and see how this can be met.  The Assess, Plan, Do, Review process will be used as part of this process to look at the barriers to educational progress and how these can be met.  Where support can be provided, ie it is routinely available within the school or the school can make arrangements from its own resources, then there is no case for the school to apply for an EHC Plan as the child is getting the support they need. 

Does an SEN Support Plan or EHC Plan get updated each year?

Every plan, whether an SEN Support Plan (used to be called an Individual Educational Plan or IEP), or an EHC Plan, needs regular review to ensure it remains fit for purpose and reflects any changing needs and/or progress.  This review process is very much part of the Assess, Plan, Do Review cycle.  The Review Meeting will be used to update the plan as needed to make sure it continues to be an aid and support. 

How are changes in the plan agreed?

Changes made will be supported by recent assessments or updates; these will include reports from the school.  Professionals such as therapists, educational psychologists or members of the CAHMS or Social Care team would also contribute as relevant to the needs of the child.  All of this information will lead into ensuring that the plan remains a viable and relevant plan to support the child that is at the centre of its purpose.