Cheam High United Against Racism Group

The Cheam High United Against Racism (UAR) Group has been holding regular meetings since the Summer Term of 2021 in order to discuss and promote the school's work on anti-racism and combatting all forms of intolerance across society. 

Students have discussed ideas to promote our message and shared feedback from the Sutton Youth Anti-Racism Summit, which Cheam High students have attended on a termly basis.  The students have brought thoughtful and constructive ideas back to school to implement, following their discussions at a borough wide level.

Sixth-Form students have also gone in to LIFE lessons in Year 7 to promote our 'Positive Messengers' project and students have discussed diversity and the wide variety of backgrounds that exist within our school. 

Please speak to the LIFE department if you have any further questions about the UAR Group.

Notices about future meetings will be given out during Tutor Time and via the School Newsletter.