School Council

Who are the SCHOOL Council members for 2022-23?

The School Council is comprised of two representatives from each Year Group.  For the current academic year, the representatives are as follows:

Year 7: Rohael and Gabriella

Year 8: Kashan and Natasha

Year 9: George and Abi

Year 10: Jacob and Ayushi

Year 11: Samyak and Ruby

There are also additional student representatives who attend meetings from the Cheam Pride and UAR Groups.

The School Council Aims

  • To gather the students' views on aspects of school life by liaising with the Tutor Representatives in their Year Group.
  • To represent students' views at School Council meetings so that these can be fed back to the school's management.
  • To help to identify areas of school which would benefit from improvement.
  • To raise with the student body, issues which are a cause of concern
  • To give students an insight into citizenship
  • To represent the student body in meetings with visitors

If students have any issues they wish to raise about the school, they should contact one of their School Council Representatives.  Alternatively, they can feedback through their Tutor Representatives who meet as a Year Council in the week before the School Council meeting.


School Council Meetings THIS YEAR

The School Council meet at least once every half-term and discuss a range of issues affecting the school. They always put forward good ideas and have shared these with their tutor groups. They have also attended Sutton Borough School Council meetings and contributed well during these discussions. During the most recent meeting at the Carew Academy on 29th March, we discussed safety at school and the impact of social media, returning with lots of good ideas to share. We look forward to the next Sutton Borough School Council meeting in June. 

The School Council have also had guest speakers such as members of the Volunteer Centre in Sutton, who have come to speak to the group about wider opportunities in the community. 

We look forward to furthering the work of the School Council over the coming term and students should talk to their representatives if they have anything they would like to discuss.