School Council

Who are the Student Council members for 2016-17?

The School Council is a group of elected students from years 7 – 11 who meet every month to discuss important aspects of school life.  The School Council members are voted in each year. Each tutor group elects two students to represent them; this makes up the Year Council. From the Year Council, each year group then votes again for two to three members to represent them, who then make up the School Council.

Year 7: Sameeha and Bailey

Year 8: Luke and Leoni

Year 9: Teddy and Imran

Year 10: Nigham, Daniel and Shannon

Year 11: Alex, Olivia and Charlie

The School Council aims:

  • To gather the students' views on aspects of school life by liaising with the Tutor Representatives in their Year Group.
  • To represent students' views at School Council meetings so that these can be fed back to the school's management.
  • To help to identify areas of school which would benefit from improvement.
  • To raise with the student body, issues which are a cause of concern
  • To give students an insight into citizenship
  • To represent the student body in meetings with visitors

If students have any issues they wish to raise about the school, they should contact one of their School Council Representatives.  Alternatively, they can feedback through their Tutor Representatives who meet as a Year Council in the week before the Student Council meeting.

School Council Meetings

During School Council meetings a number of points about school development are usually raised. These points vary from small suggestions like suggesting new clubs for lunchtime to investigating the provision of food at school.  Last year, some members of the School Council were invited to visit another school canteen to meet with students and catering staff there to gather and share ideas; a number of changes were put in place and the new Student Council have continued to develop this area.  The School Council will also be meeting with volunteers from Team London Young Ambassador's Programme to work on a community project and develop their leadership skills.  The School Council has also played an active part in fund raising for the school and for charities. They also choose the winners of the Jack Petchey Award.

What have the School Council achieved in recent years?

  • Portable media devices are allowed during social times
  • Music in the hall for Years 9 – 11 at lunchtimes
  • More theme days in the canteen
  • Different types of inter-tutor competitions
  • Toilet redecoration and choice of colours
  • Two weeks of Work Experience for Year 10
  • The successful "Battle of the Bands" competition
  • Updates to the student journal
  • Mufti Days which raise money for charity
  • Interviewing candidates for the leadership team and some other posts 
  • Different food option at lunch time
  • Charity events and fundraising