Learning to Learn


Learning to Learn is taught once a week in years 7 – 8.

Students have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to make them better learners.  They explore their preferred learning styles; what makes a good learning environment and how they can be more proactive with their learning. 

One of the key skills taught is how to work well in a team.  Students identify what role best suits them and how they can collaborate to ensure that a task is completed to the best of the team’s ability.

Students also look at thinking and the difference between deep and shallow thinking.  They consider where different types of thinking are necessary and the different tools that they can use to support them.

Revision and memory strategies are also explored with students being taught how to approach revising for exams.

The topics that students look at include: “The Sacred Orb”, “Thinking Tools” and “Murder Mystery.”

''Learning to Learn is an important subject because it helps you learn how to use thinking skills, which will help in other lessons.'' Elisabeth

''Learning to Learn is an important subjects because it teaches us how to explain and process our ideas.'' Annarose