Welcome to History!

King_Henry_VIII_from_NPGHistory is the study of the past, events, wars and people.  We build strong historical skills through exciting lessons in which we investigate past events through historical sources.   We also look at different interpretations of history and build an understanding of the chronological sequence in History.  The subject also has strong links to literacy skills and students are taught to develop their written work by organising their ideas, using evidence to support their arguments and also making strong judgements.

Our Curriculum


In Years 7 and 8 students have an hour lesson of History per week.  We follow a chronological course focusing mainly on British History, but at the start of Year 7 we look at the Romans and also Native Americans.  We then concentrate on British History going from 1066 and the Norman Conquest, through the Medieval period and peasant life.  In Year 8 we examine The Tudors and religious change, The Stuarts, Civil War, Slavery and WW1.  The lessons are dynamic and innovative and students are encouraged to question and challenge ideas.


At GCSE we study the Edexcel History course.  This involves 4 topics and 3 exams. The GCSE begins in Year 9 and allows excellent preparation for the exam and also lots of revision.

Paper 1: Medicine and Public Health.
Paper 2: Superpowers and Elizabethan England                                       
Paper 3: Life in Germany 1918-1939


At KS5 we are teaching the new Edexcel A level.

Paper 1: The American Dream – US History 1917-1990.
Paper 2: Indian Independence.
Paper 3: The Tudors.
Paper 4: Coursework – Historiography – How strong was Hitler’s dictatorship?


Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

plague-doctorThe History department are very active in the activity days that run termly for Year 7 and Year 8.  We offer trips to the HMS Belfast, London Dungeon and Leeds Castle.  We also offer curriculum trips to the Imperial War Museum and to the Wellcome Collection for GCSE. 

We also run a KS3 and KS4 film club where students can watch and discuss historical films.  We also have a KS5 politics club where students can meet to debate and discuss current affairs.

There are also a host of extra support sessions provided for all our students from KS3 to KS5.  There are many revision sessions for students before school, after school and in some school holidays for GCSE and A level students.


A link to the most recent department review for History can be found here.