Subject Leader: Ms J Prior


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The Art department continues to be judged as outstanding, based on the most recent department review.

The department offers GCSE Fine Art and Photography, BTEC Art and Design and A Level Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography.

The department is well resourced with a dark room, a photography studio and a computer suite. The Phoenix Gallery continues to highlight the talented artists within Cheam High School, as does the 6th form Art Gallery and the examples of work that can be seen across the school. The work displayed is of an exceptional standard and highly inspiring.



Ms Prior is an outstanding leader who continues to drive the department forward.  The department are hard-working and there is a strong team spirit, with much collaboration within the department.

The quality of marking and feedback in Art is excellent and remains an example of outstanding practice across the school. In the recent Art Curriculum Day modelling via YouTube exemplars and visualizers was seen as very successful.   

The curriculum is broad and balanced and enables all students to explore their own creativity. Students are exposed to a wide variety of media and differing opportunities. Assessments make links to prior knowledge and build on understanding. The teaching of vocabulary is embedded into lessons.

Teaching and learning in the department is outstanding. Students continue to make very good or outstanding progress in lessons and over time.    

There is close monitoring of student progress and detailed intervention tracking systems are in place, which all supports the excellent outcomes that students achieve.

External visitors remain highly complimentary of the work studied/produced by the students and how well the work of other artists is analysed by students - they cite the opportunities to visit Art galleries as an excellent curriculum opportunity provided by the department.

The Art department made a significant contribution to the school being reaccredited the Artsmark Gold Award.

Students’ Views and Attitudes

Behaviour in art lessons is outstanding; there are excellent relationships between students and teachers in all key stages.  Students speak very positively of their experiences in Art and Photography lessons.

Students are confident to express themselves creatively within the classroom and they work well independently and in small groups. A large number of students often come back voluntarily to complete art work in their own time, particularly in KS4 and KS5.


Seven students have started Art related degrees or Art Foundation courses.


Extra-curricular clubs run in KS3 and MAGT Art workshops take place which are always enjoyed by the students involved.

The post 16 students organise and run an exhibition of their artwork at local galleries such as Bourne Hall in Ewell and have developed links with UCA and Kingston School of Art. There are also a wide range of trips to art galleries at KS4 and KS5. The residential Year 10 trip to Cornwall benefits the students and helps with the creative development of coursework.

Involvement with art projects in the community continue to take place and are successful. The school also displays artwork each year at the Youth Art Exhibition in Sutton.

Future Developments

Maintaining the uptake of Art and Photography.

Ensuring the new GCSE Photography course is successful.

Use all feedback given by the external moderators to continue to ensure accurate in-house moderation.


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