Subject Leader: Ms N Watson


The History department has been judged as outstanding overall based on the department review of 2019.

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Ms Watson is the subject leader for History and the department is made up of five teachers.

The courses offered by the department are History at both GCSE and A Level as well as Government and Politics at A Level.



The History department offers a rich and varied curriculum which includes a number of new topics following national changes.

The curriculum is well resourced and positively received by the students.

New topics include Elizabethan England, The Western Front and Superpowers and the Cold War.

Teaching in History is outstanding.

All lessons are well planned, structured and resourced.

There are lots of examples of exciting and innovative ideas within lessons and the team work very hard to bring history to life in the classroom.

The department is focused on driving improvements in students' literacy and essay skills which are vital for their success in the subject both at GCSE and at A Level.

Key words are highlighted and their use is modelled well so that students feel confident using them independently.

Feedback is carefully directed to support student progress and students tell us that they find this feedback very useful when it comes to improving both their understanding and their exam grades.


Students make very good progress in History.

GCSE: In 2019, 75% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in History, with 18% of students gaining grades 8 and 9, indicating excellent progress at the top level.

A Level: 100% of students achieved grades A* - C in 2019, with 7 students achieving A grades.

Students’ Views and Attitudes

IMG_0881Students are very positive about History and they enjoy their lessons.

They like the topics and feel safe and supported in lessons.

A large number of students select History as a GCSE option and a significant number continue their studies onto A Level courses.

Enrichment and Intervention

The GCSE is taught to an increasingly broad ability range and the History department has developed their curriculum and approach to ensure all students can access and understand complex historical subject matter irrespective of their ability.

In the build up to the final exams, the department offers an extensive intervention programme both before and after school. This provides Year 11 students with additional learning time whilst Year 13 attend specially designed drop-in sessions.

The department run a number of competitions which are enthusiastically enjoyed by students.

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In 2019, three students went on to read History at University and three Politics students went on to study Politics and International Relations.

Future Developments

To continue to build on the successes at GCSE 

To ensure the successful implementation of the new A Level Politics course.