Social Sciences

Subject Leader: Mrs L Lyons


Based on the 2019 review the Social Sciences department was judged as outstanding. Exam results for 2019 were excellent – see below.

Mrs Lyons is the new Subject Leader for Social Sciences and the department consists of three teachers, all of whom are new to Cheam and teach both Psychology and Sociology. The staff have made a very positive start and are working hard together.


The new Subject Leader is very experienced and her experience is a major strength of this department. The new Social Sciences team are fully on board with new initiatives, keen to make suggestions, have a very good work ethic and are highly collaborative.

All A Level courses examined last year showed outstanding outcomes - see results section below. The recent Learning Walks showed good practice.

Marking and assessment are strong and there is much consistency because of sharing of good practice and close monitoring by the Subject Leader. Thorough tracking and monitoring is ensuring students are making good progress.

Textbooks, high quality resources and learning tables support the lesson. Schemes of work are planned well and comprise a variety of different learning activities tailored to different learning styles. The department runs extra lessons and intervention each week for students in both Psychology and Sociology.

The environment for learning in Social Sciences is very good.

2019 Results

A Level Psychology: 88% A*-C, 3 A*, 2 A and 12 B grades.

A Level Sociology: 73% A*-C, 1 A*, 1 A and 13 B grades.

L3VA: Psychology +0.63; Sociology +0.59.

Students’ Views and AttitudesIMG_5805

The Social Sciences are both very popular subjects at KS5 and students are always positive about the subjects.

Enrichment and Intervention

Students are well-supported in lessons and beyond. Exam preparation support is excellent and students can develop their exam technique with the guidance of staff. Extra-curricular opportunities for students include Social Sciences intervention and clinics in addition to trips and the new News Bulletin Board. Lectures, books and articles are promoted. The Sixth Form CEC policy is used well to support students to ensure progress is being made. IRIS is used well to reward students and record concerns.

2019 Destinations

Twelve students have gone on to study Social Sciences-related courses at universities including Southampton, Sussex, Liverpool, Roehampton and Portsmouth. The department puts great emphasis on supporting students who wish to go to university as well as alternate pathways.

Future Developments

Evaluate and improve resources and the learning experience for the courses offered

Embed the AQA Psychology course

Sustain and continue to improve results


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