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Artsmark Gold

Posted: 11/09/20

Artsmark Gold

Cheam High School has always held the Arts in high esteem and recognised the value they have in the curriculum. The staff work tirelessly to provide a range of provision and our students enjoy the range of options available to them. It is to the credit of the school, the staff and the students that Cheam High School has been awarded GOLD status. Below is the feedback given by the Arts Council and we wish to thank everyone for their hard work and support with this process.

It is always delightful to read of the positive impact an Artsmark journey has on a school and, in the case of Cheam High School, this could not be truer. The use of the Arts to promote mental wellbeing for both students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly impressive creating a sense of belonging amongst the Cheam High School community with the use of lip sync videos, singing, art and photography. It was interesting to read how you have used multimedia during the school lockdown to enable students to access theatre productions and use film clips and virtual tours to make learning more fun. Your arts inspired days with a focus on developing cultural capital are providing your students with authentic learning opportunities and are to be celebrated. Celebrating and unifying the Arts throughout the school have given the Arts a high profile and one, that I am sure will continue to be maintained. The impact of your many partnerships is having a positive impact on students’ outcomes. For instance, your partnerships with industry experts is enabling your students to gain different perspectives such as the student who felt he had improved in art having worked with an artist or the “Next Steps” displays signposting opportunities in the Arts. The deployment of drama staff to deliver CPD on the power of non-verbal communication illustrates not only the high value you place on the Arts but, also your coherent arts strategy which underpins your commitment to developing the Arts across the school.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!