Year 11 Reports Guidance 2022-23

Years 11 Reports Guidance 2022-23


Suggested prompts for discussion of reports

(Please note that not all questions will be relevant to all students)



Effort, Behaviour and Homework

Look at the grades on the report:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Requires Improvement
  • Cause for Concern

Log into IRIS and look at positive and negative IRIS points/sanctions/detentions

Log into Show My Homework and look at homework that has been set



  • Do you think you always have a positive attitude to your learning?
  • How has your effort/behaviour/homework been graded in each subject?
  • In which subjects are they best? Why?
  • Are there areas where they could be improved? How?


Predicted Grade

Look at the subject area reports:

  • G = Good
  • S = Sound
  • W = Weak


  • Which subjects are you on track to achieve your target grades?
  • Why do you think this is? 
  • Are there any subjects where you are not doing so well?
  • Why do you think this is?
  • What are you doing in your strongest subject that you can apply to your weakest?
  • Are there any support sessions you could attend to help you in the subjects you find more challenging e.g. Maths Surgery?


General advice to support your child’s progress


  • Check any key test and homework dates on SMHW and help your child to organise their work.
  • Ensure that homework is done in a quiet area at home (without distractions e.g. phone) and is completed with maximum effort.  Look at the homework set and any resources together.
  • Look at your child's books and folders each week, discussing the standard of care and effort in their books/folders.
  • Reward at every opportunity excellent behaviour and effort; similarly respond to poor behaviour at school by sanctioning your child at home, in order to reinforce that they are harming their educational progress.  Check IRIS regularly to monitor rewards/sanctions.
  • Contact the school if there is anything that we need to know, or if you have any queries.