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Year 13 Examinations

Posted: 17/05/24

Year 13 Examinations

The summer examination season for Year 13 gets underway on Friday 3rd May. We wish all of our students the very best and know that they have been working hard to prepare for their final exams.

A reminder that lessons continue in a subject until the final exam for that subject has been sat. Lesson attendance is compulsory so students must attend as vital revision and exam preparation work will be completed. Year 13 students are allowed to have the morning off before an afternoon exam and the afternoon off (from 1.10pm) prior to a morning exam. This is support students in their preparation.

Students must make sure that they continue to wear correct dress code but they are allowed to wear their leavers' hoodies in their exams.

Please also ensure that your child brings a clear bottle of water with them each day so that they can hydrate during their exams.

Students have also been reminded that they need to ensure that they have their full equipment, including black pens, scientific calculator, pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler, protractor, compass and highlighters all to be carried in a clear pencil case. Please ensure that your child is fully equipped for each of their exams. Students must always have their cashless card in an exam and must know their candidate number as well as their exam timetable.

Good luck Year 13!

The full exam timetable can be found here.